Safari Adventure Bucket Hat


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Discover the Safari Adventure Bucket Hat, designed for the intrepid explorer in you. This hat is your ideal companion for safaris, jungle treks, and all sorts of outdoor expeditions where protection and style are paramount. With its wide brim providing ample shade from the sun, it keeps you cool and comfortable while navigating diverse landscapes and climates.

Crafted with durability in mind, the Safari Adventure Bucket Hat ensures longevity and performance in rugged conditions. Its sturdy construction and water-resistant design make it suitable for unpredictable weather, allowing you to focus on your adventures without worry. The adjustable chin strap ensures a secure fit, preventing the hat from being swept away during windy conditions or active pursuits.

Available in various earthy tones and functional designs, the bucket hat complements your outdoor wardrobe seamlessly. Whether you’re photographing wildlife, birdwatching, or exploring ancient ruins, its versatile style enhances your outdoor experience while offering practical sun protection.

Embrace your next adventure with confidence, knowing the Safari Adventure Bucket Hat combines functionality with timeless safari-inspired design. Elevate your outdoor gear with a hat that’s as resilient as it is stylish.

Size (cm) Size (inches) Cap Depth (cm) Cap Depth (inches) Visor (cm) Visor (inches)
54 21.3 9.5 3.7 9 3.5
55 21.7 9.5 3.7 9 3.5
56 22.0 9.5 3.7 9 3.5
57 22.4 9.5 3.7 9 3.5
58 22.8 9.5 3.7 9 3.5
59 23.2 9.5 3.7 9 3.5


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